JOT will increase the precision of advertising campaigns

JOT Internet Media España S.L. is one of the world’s leading platforms for high-quality audience acquisition for global digital players created in 2004. It specializes in generating high-quality web traffic through digital platforms such as search engines and social networks. Handling a large volume of data, its advanced platform demonstrates an outstanding technical ability to meet the demands of the global digital advertising market. Primarily, the company stands out in search engine optimization and marketing, more so than major platforms, like Google and Yahoo, are concerned. Furthermore, JOT uses social platforms, especially Facebook and TikTok, to advertise selectively.

Being part of the enRichMyData project, the company will be able to correlate the marketing campaign’s performance with the most relevant external factors (mainly weather and calendar events) and increase their impact. This could be accomplished by merging weather data with real-time events that only happen in the location where a specific ad is targeted. Thanks to this approach, the JOT will be able to ensure that their digital marketing strategies go beyond what the users want, and also what social and environmental issues could be there, that could affect their business. Among other things, the enRichMyData project is engaging in the optimization of the campaigns in terms of performance and contextuality. The understanding of the influence of external factors on responses to ads, and efficient spending of the budget are the most important issues.

JOT covers the ground with many technology devices uniquely customized for the toolbox of EnRichMyData whenever it has to undertake a digital marketing campaign. Among them is OntoText’s CleanR, an advanced data cleansing tool that enables cleaning and purifying at a massive scale the data collected. In addition, CleanR guarantees the quality of the data before its analysis. UNIMIB’s LinkR is beneficial for weather data collection; the reason behind the use of accurate and timely geographic and environmental data can be ascertained. The ScalR tool of CS Group is designed for coordinating the data analysis and scaling up for large-scale purposes to count the complexity and volume of information processed. These tools are vital in deploying a more knowledge-based and better-performed campaign as well as a strategy that responds to changes in the market demands.


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