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High-quality, rich and meaningful data are crucial to successfully implementing Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Big Data Analytics (BDA) solutions. Delivering required data to feed into AI and BDA models is costly, difficult, and often limited in data and skill availability. It is well known that up to 80% of the effort spent in AI and BDA projects is dedicated to ensuring data is fit for purpose. Activities are required to discover, understand, select, clean, transform, and integrate data from a variety of sources in such a way that data can be fed into the modelling phase. Such activities result in enriched data, eventually improving the quality of downstream BDA and AI applications. The data enrichment process is implemented by specifying, deploying, and executing data enrichment pipelines over data that can be structured, semi-structured and unstructured, in large amounts, and from static or streaming sources. While techniques exist to cover different enrichment operations such as data cleaning, linking, feature extraction, classification and semantic annotation, etc., the lack of comprehensive approaches and established tools dedicated to data enrichment makes the definition, implementation, and operation of enrichment pipelines difficult for too many organizations willing to improve their BDA and AI applications.

The overall vision of the enRichMyData project is to create a novel paradigm for building rich, high-quality, valuable, and FAIR-compliant datasets to feed downstream BDA and AI applications in the context of data-sharing ecosystems, such as data spaces. The paradigm facilitates the specification and execution of data enrichment pipelines, focusing on supporting various data enrichment operations. enRichMyData makes this easily accessible to a wide set of large and small organizations that encounter difficulties in delivering suitable data to feed their BDA and AI solutions due to the lack of usable tools/expertise for the cost-effective management of data enrichment pipelines.

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Plenary meeting of the enRichMyData EU project in Sofia

The third plenary meeting on the enRichMyData project was held in Sofia, organised by GATE Institute and Ontotext. It gathered brilliant minds and innovative thinkers working together to push the boundaries of data enrichment and intelligence. Key Takeaways: Collaboration: The meeting emphasised the power of collaboration. Our diverse group of partners, each bringing unique expertise,


enRichMyData Unveils a Captivating New Video for Data Enthusiasts

enRichMyData, the pioneering research project dedicated to advancing data enrichment pipelines, is excited to present a brand-new video that offers an engaging look into the heart of our mission. A Glimpse into the World of enRichMyData Our latest video is your key to unlocking a deeper understanding of the enRichMyData project. In just a few


AI meets complex knowledge structures: Neuro-Symbolic AI and Graph Tech

Neuro-Symbolic AI is emerging as a paradigm for developing intelligent systems that can process and recognise patterns in large amounts of data and reason and make decisions based on explicit knowledge and rules. Neuro-Symbolic AI combines the strengths of symbolic reasoning and neural-based approaches. Graph technologies (Knowledge Graphs, Graph Neural Networks, graph databases, etc.) provide


“Get-to-know” introductory workshop and welcome day to HE Data projects

enRichMyData is one of the 26 Horizon Europe projects working on common objectives to establish Europe as the most successful area in the world in terms of data sharing and data re-use while respecting the legal framework relating to security and privacy and fostering collaboration and building on existing initiatives, and make EU fully autonomous


Plenary meeting of the enRichMyData EU project in Milan

enRichMyData project aims to deliver innovative pipelines for building rich, high-quality, added-value datasets to feed Big Data Analytics and AI applications.Università degli Studi di Milano-Bicocca hosted the plenary meeting of the enRichMyData EU project in Milan this week. The foundation of the enRichMyData toolbox is discussed from a business case and technology solution perspective. Step forward is made towards the European


enRichMyData kick-off

The enRichMyData kick-off was held in Oslo, Norway on the 3rd of October, 2022. Several European and international organisations, covering large corporations, SMEs, research centres and universities are joining forces to develop new methods and tools for effective and efficient management of data enrichment processes in the recently started enRichMyData project. The initiative is funded under

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The enRichMyData project is coordinated by SINTEF (Norway), one of European’s largest independent research organisations. The project partners include companies such as Philips (The Netherlands) and Bosch (Germany), dedicated to engineering and manufacturing; Speed Network (Estonia), a provider of procurement data; JOT Internet Media (Spain), a digital marketing company; CS Group (Romania), a software service company; Expert AI (Italy), a technology company specializing in natural language understanding; and Ontotext (Bulgaria), a semantic technology company. They will have the full support of the research partners that, in addition to SINTEF, include the University of Milano Bicocca (Italy), Jozef Stefan Institute (Slovenia), University of Copenhagen (Denmark), GATE Institute (Bulgaria), and BGRIMM Technology Group (China).

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