CS GROUP – ROMANIA has long experience in software development, and particularly in distributed systems development and software integration solutions. Excellent experience in EO data processing chain development using different frameworks and programming languages. Excellent experience in ISVV activities for critical industries.

CS GROUP – ROMANIA is one of the pioneer Romanian companies which perform activities related to the Space sector, since Romania’s admission as a European Space Agency member state at the end of 2011. Subsequently, the company has been involved in ESA missions and in programs such as Copernicus and Galileo developed by ESA and EU, either as a prime contractor or as part of various consortia.

Role in the project

CS Group brings experience in designing, implementing and integrating software solutions for large-scale / cloud-distributed data processing. CN has a large experience in satellite imagery data processing, streaming data, parallelization of executions in cloud facilities using Docker and Kubernetes and in implementing scalable microservices.

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