Navigating the Future of Data Monetisation

enRichMyData project was presented in the Data Monetization session on Day 1 at the Data Spaces Symposium 2024. The symposium took place on March 12-14, 2024, at Darmstadtium (Darmstadt, Germany), Frankfurt Region. Organized by the Data Spaces Support Centre (DSSC) and the Data Spaces Business Alliance (DSBA), this symposium is a pivotal gathering for those


Joint EU projects workshop

The enrichMyData project is engaged in a joint workshop alongside two other groundbreaking projects funded by #horizoneurope UPCAST: Universal Platform Components for Safe Fair Interoperable Data Exchange & Monetisation and the Graph-Massivizer Project. The workshop is hosted by the SINTEF team on 9th of February, 2024, in Trysil, Norway. UPCAST develops a set of universal,


enRichMyData plenary meeting in Trysil

In a recent plenary meeting held in Trysil, Norway, on the 8th of February, the enRichMyData project, a pioneering initiative in data enrichment, laid out a comprehensive plan to address critical recommendations, advance tool development, and align with key events for dissemination. The meeting, attended by project partners, emphasized the importance of prioritising the project’s


Resource Aware Machine Learning workshop

The enRichMyData was represented at the Resource Aware Machine Learning workshop at the Danish Digitalization, Data Science and AI 2.0 (D3A) Conference, Nyborg, Denmark, on the 1st and 2nd of February 2024. This workshop aimed at reasoning critically about how we build software and hardware for end-to-end Machine Learning (ML). The fruitful discussions led to


Knowledge Graphs for Sustainable AI Impact

Imagine a world where information is not isolated in silos but connected in a vast web of knowledge, where data isn’t just a collection of facts but a dynamic and interconnected tapestry of insights. That’s what knowledge graphs bring to the table. The enRichMyData, alongside STELAR, DataCloud and GraphMassivizer projects, were presented in the “Knowledge


Interview with Luis Rei, Researcher at Jozef Stefan Institute

Could you offer a concise summary of your professional background and the expertise you contribute to the enrichMyData initiative? I’m a researcher in Artificial Intelligence. I contribute expertise primarily in Artificial Intelligence, more specially, Machine Learning and Deep Learning with the primary field of application being Natural Language Processing. What inspired your decision to participate

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