Knowledge Graphs for Sustainable AI Impact

Imagine a world where information is not isolated in silos but connected in a vast web of knowledge, where data isn’t just a collection of facts but a dynamic and interconnected tapestry of insights. That’s what knowledge graphs bring to the table. The enRichMyData, alongside STELAR, DataCloud and GraphMassivizer projects, were presented in the “Knowledge


Interview with Luis Rei, Researcher at Jozef Stefan Institute

Could you offer a concise summary of your professional background and the expertise you contribute to the enrichMyData initiative? I’m a researcher in Artificial Intelligence. I contribute expertise primarily in Artificial Intelligence, more specially, Machine Learning and Deep Learning with the primary field of application being Natural Language Processing. What inspired your decision to participate


Meet the partners, gain deeper insights into the enRichMyData project!

Dive deep into the enRichMyData project in this exclusive interview with two of its critical minds, Matteo Palmonari and Dumitru Roman! “Data enrichment plays a crucial role because it facilitates and enables the use of shared data in the context of the data spaces. It lowers the burden on the end-user and provides components, processes,


Plenary meeting of the enRichMyData EU project in Sofia

The third plenary meeting on the enRichMyData project was held in Sofia, organised by GATE Institute and Ontotext. It gathered brilliant minds and innovative thinkers working together to push the boundaries of data enrichment and intelligence. Key Takeaways: Collaboration: The meeting emphasised the power of collaboration. Our diverse group of partners, each bringing unique expertise,


enRichMyData Unveils a Captivating New Video for Data Enthusiasts

enRichMyData, the pioneering research project dedicated to advancing data enrichment pipelines, is excited to present a brand-new video that offers an engaging look into the heart of our mission. A Glimpse into the World of enRichMyData Our latest video is your key to unlocking a deeper understanding of the enRichMyData project. In just a few


Interview with Laurentiu NICOLA and Cosmin UDROIU, CS GROUP

Could you briefly share your journey and the skills you bring to the enrichMyData project?CS GROUP – ROMANIA team has a very strong experience in designing and implementing software solutions for big-data processing. It brings in the enRichMyData project the experience gained during implementation of toolboxes and processing chains for Earth Observation domain (where we

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