JOT Internet Media is one of the world’s leading platforms for high quality audience acquisition for global digital players created in 2004.

JOT is one of the three largest worldwide players in international brokering of high volumes of multichannel Internet traffic, which includes search engine queries, social networks media and advertising space. The company operation reaches large technology partners such as Google, Bing/Yahoo, Ask.com, Web.de and CBS. JOT manages campaigns in 74 countries with more than 3200 accounts in 17 languages, counting with around 250 million impressions, 8.7 million clicks, and over 3,800 million keywords per day.

Thanks to the participation in enRichMyData, the company will be able to correlate the performance of the marketing campaign with the most relevant external factors (mainly weather and calendar events) and increase their impact.

Role in the project

JOT brings its expertise in implementing fully data-driven digital marketing campaigns. In addition to business knowledge, JT brings experience in hybrid architecture and data pipelines generating insights from large and diverse datasets.

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