Started in 2001 as a research lab within Sirma Group, Ontotext has become a global leader in enterprise knowledge graph technology and semantic database engines.

Today Ontotext is one of the most innovative and successful Bulgarian companies and Bulgaria’s most successful participant in EU-funded IT research projects related to AI. In 2014 and 2017 it has won the Most Innovative Company in Bulgaria award. 

Ontotext technology and solutions are spread wide across the value chain of the most knowledge-intensive enterprises in financial services, publishing, healthcare, pharma, manufacturing and public sectors. Leveraging AI and cognitive technologies, Ontotext helps enterprises get a competitive advantage, by connecting the dots of their proprietary knowledge and putting it in the context of global intelligence.

Role in the project

The company will add several integral parts to the enRichMyData toolbox consisting of secure semantic storage and querying, data federation, semantic integration, semantic search and virtualization using a variety of different storages including, but not limited to RDF (GraphDB) and GraphQL (Ontotext Platform and GraphQL Federation). Ontotext’s 20+ years of experience in such technologies and solutions is invaluable for transforming the way data enrichment pipelines are created and used.

Ontotext is also a key partner in developing InnoGraph, a comprehensive knowledge graph of the AI and high tech innovation ecosystems, covering themes such as countries, universities, research groups, papers, startups and other companies, research and engineering topics, job market and investments, github projects and software toolkits, events and news. InnoGraph development will be led by the AI department of Institut “Jožef Stefan” (Ljubliana) and the created KG will be based on initial data and statistics from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development AI Observatory.

Last but not least, Ontotext hopes to contribute to an industrial case by Bosch and to making a KG of public procurement authorities by Spend Network.

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