enRichMyData Unveils a Captivating New Video for Data Enthusiasts

enRichMyData, the pioneering research project dedicated to advancing data enrichment pipelines, is excited to present a brand-new video that offers an engaging look into the heart of our mission. A Glimpse into the World of enRichMyData Our latest video is your key to unlocking a deeper understanding of the enRichMyData project. In just a few


Interview with Laurentiu NICOLA and Cosmin UDROIU, CS GROUP

Could you briefly share your journey and the skills you bring to the enrichMyData project?CS GROUP – ROMANIA team has a very strong experience in designing and implementing software solutions for big-data processing. It brings in the enRichMyData project the experience gained during implementation of toolboxes and processing chains for Earth Observation domain (where we


Interview with Nikola Tulechki, Team Lead at Ontotext

Could you give a quick outline of your history and the skills you bring to the enrichMyData project?I have been a data engineer at Ontotext for the last 7 years and have been part of countless data integration projects, both small and relatively large in scale. Ontotext is a unique company as we are both


Sustainable Machine Learning Reading Group

Raghavendra Selvan, Assistant Professor at the University of Copenhagen, created a Reading group on Sustainable Machine Learning and ICT. The group’s meetings are joint activities between Horizon Europe projects enRichMyData and SustAInML. It discusses papers weekly, usually on Wednesdays at 3:30 PM CET. For more details about the Reading group or for opportunities to collaborate,


Plenary meeting of the enRichMyData EU project in Milan

enRichMyData project aims to deliver innovative pipelines for building rich, high-quality, added-value datasets to feed Big Data Analytics and AI applications.Università degli Studi di Milano-Bicocca hosted the plenary meeting of the enRichMyData EU project in Milan this week. The foundation of the enRichMyData toolbox is discussed from a business case and technology solution perspective. Step forward is made towards the European


enRichMyData kick-off

The enRichMyData kick-off was held in Oslo, Norway on the 3rd of October, 2022. Several European and international organisations, covering large corporations, SMEs, research centres and universities are joining forces to develop new methods and tools for effective and efficient management of data enrichment processes in the recently started enRichMyData project. The initiative is funded under

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