Common English Entity Linking: Linking Text to Knowledge Quickly and Efficiently

Entity linking is the process of automatically linking entity mentions from text to the corresponding entries in a knowledge base. It has been an important capability for Ontotext ever since we dove into Natural Language Processing (NLP), as it is a crucial aspect of the interplay between text analysis and knowledge graphs.

Now comes Ontotext’s next-generation offering – Common English Entity Linking (CEEL). CEEL is an end-to-end transformer-based model that includes mention detection and uses entity types and entity descriptions to perform entity linking. Out of the box, the model links to Wikidata IDs. It is also flexible enough to support adaptation to other large-scale knowledge bases and perform zero-shot entity linking. The combination of speed, accuracy and scale makes CEEL an effective and cost-efficient system for extracting entities, even when talking about web-scale datasets.

CEEL is now immediately available as part of our text analysis offerings, coming preconfigured as part of the new version of the Ontotext Metadata Studio (OMDS). You can also use it as a service to integrate in your own products or we can feature it as part of a broader custom solution we build for you. Documents loaded in GraphDB can be sent for processing to CEEL with a simple SPARQL query – the resulting tags will be loaded directly in the graph.

Read more about how to link text to knowledge quickly.


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