Ontotext Metadata Studio 3.7 Introduces an Innovative AI Model for Linking Text to Wikidata

Ontotext is pleased to announce the new version of the Ontotext Metadata Studio (OMDS). It now enables you to tag your content with CEEL – our new generation class-leading text analytics service performing Common English Entity Linking. This is part of Ontotext’s AI-in-Action initiative aimed at enabling data scientists and engineers to benefit from the AI capabilities of our products.

CEEL is trained to tag mentions of People, Organizations and Locations to their representation in Wikidata – the biggest global public knowledge graph, which includes close to 100 million entity instances. Wikidata entities have precise mappings to Wikipedia articles, where those exist – Wikipedia has about 7 million articles. Wikidata is also used continuously as a source for the enrichment of Google’s knowledge graph, which makes Wikidata popular for semantic SEO purposes. Focusing on the entity types of interest, CEEL is trained to recognize about 40 million of the Wikidata concepts.

Read more about the AI model for linking text data to Wikidata.

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