InnoGraph – Turning Data into Innovation

My name is Inna Novalija and I work at the Department for Artificial Intelligence of Jožef Stefan Institute as a Senior researcher.

What is the main activity area of your organization?

The Jožef Stefan Institute is the leading Slovenian scientific research institute, covering a broad spectrum of basic and applied research. The Department for Artificial Intelligence is concerned mainly with research and development in information technologies with an emphasis on artificial intelligence. The main research areas are (a) data analysis with emphasis on text, web, and cross-modal data, (b) scalable real-time data analysis, (c) visualization of complex data, (d) semantic technologies, and (e) language technologies.

What are the challenges related to enRichMyData project and in particular to its toolbox that you face in your operations?

Daily, we encounter many challenges related to data processing and information extraction. Specifically, building innovative solutions from heterogeneous data sources of different modalities is challenging by itself. Other challenges include the visualization of complex dynamic processes and the identification of relevant insights in the field of AI.

 How does the adoption of the enRichMyData toolbox help you address these challenges?

enRichMyData toolbox provides the possibilities to perform modelling, extraction, and annotation of relevant information within the field of Artificial Intelligence. The tools within the toolbox not only allow for fast data handling but also contribute to the construction and continuous updating of the dynamic harmonized knowledge graph (InnoGraph) we are developing.

Which parts of the toolbox (tools and/or services) are you going to use and for what exactly?

Since the InnoGraph business case relies on heterogeneous data sources (such as news, scientific articles, code, etc.), several enRichMyData services are used to gather, annotate, and classify incoming information.  

  • News is an important source of insights for innovations from a global perspective; StreamR service (Event Registry) is supplying InnoGraph the worldwide news related to artificial intelligence and innovation technologies.
  • Semantic annotation is required for interconnecting the content of different data sources. StructR service (Wikifier) provides InnoGraph semantic annotations for textual resources, analyzed within InnoGraph use case (such as code dataset (GitHub), news dataset, and science datasets);
  • Classification is one of the most common and important tasks in machine learning. ClassifR service allows for relation extraction from InnoGraph textual sources (for instance, identification of Technology usage in news).

What will be the benefits of the enRichMyData toolbox adoption:  first – for your business area and second – for the end-users in your business area?  

enRichMyData toolbox adoption will allow significant improvement of the business processes associated with data flows and information extraction from structured and unstructured data sources. InnoGraph stakeholders (such as policymakers, investors, academia, as well as the general public) shall benefit from understanding the relevant aspects of the global innovation ecosystem and will be able to get inspired and follow the journey from the inception of the ideas to their potential realization in business.

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