JOT Business case: Enriching marketing data with weather and event data

My name is Fernando Perales and I work at JOT Internet Media as Director of the Research Lab

What is the main activity area of your organization?

JOT is an SME specializing in the analytical management of digital marketing campaigns. Our competitiveness is based on the development of data processing services enabling the agile and reliable management of large amounts of performance data to optimize the impact of the campaigns.

What are the challenges related to enRichMyData project and in particular to its toolbox that you face in your operations? (Why is such a toolbox needed?)

The impact of the campaigns is related to user behaviour which is highly impacted by external factors like weather and calendar events (Christmas, summer holidays, and so on). The possibility of integrating this third-party data with our marketing data model will enable us to identify non-expected correlations supporting innovative decision-making boosting the campaign impact.

How does adopting the enRichMyData toolbox help you address these challenges? (What is the added value of the toolbox?)

The three main features offered by enRichMyData toolbox support our approach: the automation of the third-party data acquisition, the configuration of customized cleaning processes, and the orchestration of the entire pipeline by a single entry point. This enables the generation of a single enriched data set that represents the raw material for our data science team to calculate unexpected insights.

Which parts of the toolbox (tools and/or services) are you going to use and for what exactly?

All these three main features are aligned with the functionalities offered by some of the components of the enRichMyData toolkit, SEMTUI developed by UNIMIB supports us in the acquisition and preparation of weather data, ONTOREFINE for marketing data cleaning, and TAO as pipeline orchestration.

What will be the benefits of the enRichMyData toolbox adoption:  first – for your business area and second –  for the end-users in your business area?

JOT marketing campaign managers will be the final users of these developments as they will have a unique decision support service to optimize the campaign management both deciding which is the most appealing category for the users at any time and adjusting the campaign parametrization.


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