Service Data Enrichment for Smart Maintenance of Medical Imaging Systems

Philips is a health technology company focused on improving people’s lives through meaningful innovation across the health continuum – from healthy living and prevention to diagnosis, treatment, and home care. Applying advanced technologies and deep clinical and consumer insights, Philips partners with customers to deliver integrated solutions that address the Quadruple Aim: improved patient experience, better health outcomes, improved staff experience, and lower cost of care.

As a partner of the enRichMyData project, Philips presents a business case for developing a data enrichment pipeline for smart maintenance of medical devices.

Philips designs and produces capital-intensive medical imaging systems, such as Magnetic Resonance Imaging, and Computed Tomography, used for diagnosis and image-guided therapy in hospitals. Over the years the functionality of this equipment has grown dramatically, which makes system design, verification, and especially maintenance harder with every system release. In this business case, Philips aims to leverage the enRichMyData toolbox to semantically enrich their service data to help service engineers perform maintenance more effectively, leading to faster issue resolution and reduced downtime for medical imaging systems. This ensures better utilization rates and better service for hospitals and patients.

To develop smart diagnostics tools, three main data sources are available. The first data source comprises technical documentation for the medical imaging systems. This documentation is captured in the form of long documents (often in PDF format), which contain instructions on the use of the device, troubleshooting, and repair actions.

The second data source comprises medical device log data – system log events and/or sensor readings from connected medical imaging systems, often in a semi-structured format (e.g., CSV) which may contain critical information related to system failures.

The third data source comprises service records – text written by service engineers containing information related to the observed failure of a medical imaging device and troubleshooting and repair actions performed during the maintenance of medical imaging systems.

The main objective of the proposed business case is to enrich the un/semi-structured datasets using external data sources. To do so, Philips uses the Platform Document Analysis component, developed by Expert.AI, to enrich their service data. It processes and semantically enriches service manuals and service reports. This enables service engineers to quickly access comprehensive relevant information when diagnosing and repairing equipment. For instance, when diagnosing an MR system, an engineer can quickly find relevant sections describing troubleshooting steps, thus, speeding up the repair process.


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