Smarter manufacturing and higher quality in the automotive industry  

My name is Cuong Xuan Chu and I work at Bosch as a Research Engineer in the field of NLP and Neuro-symbolic AI.

What is the main activity area of your organization?

The main activity area of Bosch is in the manufacturing and distribution of automotive components, industrial technology, consumer goods, and building technology. Bosch is a leading global supplier of technology and services, with a focus on mobility solutions, and other above areas.

What are the challenges related to enRichMyData project and in particular to its toolbox that you face in your operations?

From the daily production life in our manufacturers, we produce a huge amount of data from different sources with different formats. However, collecting and processing them requires much effort. The biggest question is how we can unlock the value of these data to make our manufacturing smarter and achieve higher quality and efficiency.

How does the adoption of the enRichMyData toolbox help you address these challenges?

Our goal is to build a data enrichment pipeline that can transform the data coming from different sources into structured knowledge so that we can adapt advanced AI techniques on top of the data. enRichMyData toolbox provides tools that entirely fulfill our needs, for example, transforming tabular data to the knowledge graph, and extracting more knowledge from unstructured documents.

Which parts of the toolbox (tools and/or services) are you going to use and for what exactly?

We are interested in CleanR, LinkR, and StructR. CleanR and LinkR can help us transform tabular data into knowledge graphs, while StructR supports us in document processing and knowledge extraction. We have already shared our data with the project partners and we’ve been working together for a while. At this stage, we already got some promising results and we are excited to transfer these tools into our infrastructure so that people inside Bosch are also able to try them. In the future, GreenR might be also interesting to us since Bosch has committed to becoming CO2 neutral in the future, demonstrating a strong focus on sustainability and environmental responsibility.

What will be the benefits of the enRichMyData toolbox adoption:  first – for your business area and second –  for the end-users in your business area?

An automated data enrichment pipeline would bring us a lot of benefits. By using it, we can utilize the existing data, which we currently don’t pay much attention to, as it requires much effort to collect them manually. After having the enriched data, we want to do some analytics tasks to improve the quality of our production line, not only in the field of mobility solutions but also in other areas.

We believe that if we can demonstrate the usefulness of the toolbox, we can spread the knowledge to other companies in our business area of the automotive industry.


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