The InnoGraph Artificial Intelligence Taxonomy


InnoGraph will build a holistic knowledge graph of innovation based on Artificial Intelligence (AI), and more generally of the global “hitech” ecosystem. It is a key use case of the enrichMyData project.

InnoGraph originated from a partnership between OECD and the Jožef Stefan Institute (JSI) on the OECD.AI Policy Observatory and prior Ontotext experience with Science KGs, e.g., the Tracking of Research Results project. Unlike OECD.AI, here we want to track AI elements not just at the summary level but also at an individual level.

InnoGraph aims to comprehensively cover all elements of AI. As the first key step, a comprehensive taxonomy of topics has built: AI technical topics and application areas (verticals).

Read the white paper, prepared by Ontotext, describing the approach to developing such a taxonomy by integrating and coreferencing data from numerous sources. The content of the paper is as follows:

  • Introduction
  • Example: Github Topics
  • Topics: Wikipedia Articles
  • Category Pruning
  • Collaborative Patent
  • Classification: Application Areas
  • Finding All CPC AI Topics
  • Conclusion and Future Work

You can also check out the short version of this research.

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