Joint EU projects workshop

The enrichMyData project is engaged in a joint workshop alongside two other groundbreaking projects funded by #horizoneurope UPCAST: Universal Platform Components for Safe Fair Interoperable Data Exchange & Monetisation and the Graph-Massivizer Project. The workshop is hosted by the SINTEF team on 9th of February, 2024, in Trysil, Norway.

UPCAST develops a set of universal, trustworthy, transparent and user-friendly data market plugins. These will enable actors in the European data spaces to design and deploy data exchange and trading operations. Graph-Massivizer is reshaping the landscape of extreme data management, crafting a robust, scalable, and eco-friendly platform for processing and analysing massive graph representations.

The workshop started with valuable insight into the synergies between the projects presented by Dumitru Roman, followed by opening presentations by Radu Prodan and Richard Stevens.

Knowledge was shared across projects related to data challenges and approaches, finding technology and data sharing synergies, and identifying future collaborations.

The projects officer, Annamaria Nagy, joined the workshop remotely and delivered her insightful opening remarks.

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