The Superpowers of Ontotext’s Relation and Event Detector

A risk and opportunity event refers to an occurrence that may positively or negatively impact the stock market performance of a company or industry sector. The ability to detect and analyze such events is crucial.

Ontotext’s Relation and Event Detector (RED) is designed to assess and analyze the impact of market-moving events. RED answers key questions such as: “What happened?”, “Who was involved?”, and “What is the financial impact?”. The answers to these foundational questions help you uncover opportunities and detect risks.

From a technological perspective, RED combines a sophisticated knowledge graph with large language models (LLM) for improved natural language processing (NLP), data integration, search and information discovery, built on top of the metaphactory platform. Entity linking allows events to be associated with specific companies in the graph and correlated with information from 3rd party databases, namely Crunchbase, and public information about stock prices. Further, RED’s underlying model can be visually extended and customized to complex extraction and classification tasks.

What makes RED special

The superpower of RED is the ability to correlate customizable company news events with stock price fluctuations. It can make these connections clearer and more accessible, enabling users to derive actionable insights and make data-driven decisions.

Here’s how the tool makes it work.

For every piece of processed content, RED visualizes the corresponding stock price fluctuation on a timeline, enabling users to quickly spot any immediate correlations between events and price changes. For instance, the announcement of the Microsoft-Blizzard merger might coincide with a sharp increase in the stock prices of both companies.

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