Gaining Global Insights with Multilingual Entity Linking

In our interconnected world, information travels across the globe at unprecedented speed and disinformation is getting spread even faster and reused across geographies. To help in the battle against disinformation, Ontotext is tackling the challenge of identifying narratives or disinformation campaigns. This covers a range of tasks starting from analysis of textual content in multiple languages to detecting and connecting separate pieces of related manipulative stories.

A necessary step in analyzing multilingual content is linking mentions of entities in text (general concepts or named entities) in different languages to a common knowledge base. The ideal knowledge base would comprise broad information, be dynamically updated on a regular basis, and be multilingual. According to recent publications for entity linking, Wikipedia and Wikidata are among the most popular ones. Since they meet our requirements, Ontotext has chosen them as our primary target knowledge base.

Learn more about how multilingual entity linking works.

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