AI meets complex knowledge structures: Neuro-Symbolic AI and Graph Tech

Neuro-Symbolic AI is emerging as a paradigm for developing intelligent systems that can process and recognise patterns in large amounts of data and reason and make decisions based on explicit knowledge and rules. Neuro-Symbolic AI combines the strengths of symbolic reasoning and neural-based approaches. Graph technologies (Knowledge Graphs, Graph Neural Networks, graph databases, etc.) provide a natural way to represent, manage, and analyse complex knowledge structures, making them a useful tool in implementing Neuro-Symbolic AI systems. Neuro-Symbolic AI and Graph technologies have significant potential to bring value to various businesses and industries by enabling advanced decision-making and reasoning capabilities. This seminar will explore recent advancements in Neuro-Symbolic AI and Graph Technologies and their relevance to practical applications.

The seminar will be held on the 16th of March at OsloMet, Pilestredet 35, Ellen Gleditschs hus, Oslo, Norway.

The program is published on the seminar’s registration page.

SINTEF AS organizes the seminar in collaboration with the Norwegian Research Center for AI Innovation (NorwAI) and OsloMet, sponsored by the projects DataCloud, enRichMyData, Graph-Massivizer, UPCAST, and NorwAI.

Registration is free but mandatory. Note limited spots.

For further details, contact: Till C. Lech ( and/or Dumitru Roman (

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