Joint workshop UPCAST – enRichMyData – Graph-Massivizer

Joint workshop “UPCAST – enRichMyData – Graph-Massivizer” will be organised in conjunction with the plenary meetings of the projects UPCAST, enRichMyData and Graph-Massivizer on the 9th of February in Trysil, Norway. It will be hosted by SINTEF AS.

The workshop aims to share knowledge across projects related to data challenges and approaches, find technology and data-sharing synergies, and identify future collaborations.

MORNING SESSION: Intro and data challenges
  • Brief intro and project presentations
  • Use cases for data challenges
AFTERNOON SESSION: Technologies and approaches
  • Value of data
  • Data operations: search, discovery, integration, linking, pipelines
  • Green and energy-efficient data operations and pipelines
  • Data sharing
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