Data Monetisation Session at Data Space Symposium 2024

The Data Monetization session, organised by UPCAST, enRichMyData and Graph-Massivizer Projects, is part of Day 1 at the Data Spaces Symposium 2024. The symposium will take place March 12-14, 2024, in Darmstadt, Germany.

The session will focus on how organisations can extract value from their data in the evolving digital landscape. Various approaches, leveraging advanced analytics, information processing and reasoning to unlock insights from data, will be discussed along with technologies and strategies to ensure data quality and thus maximise value. Data monetisation models based on universal, trustworthy, transparent, and user-friendly data market mechanisms for the automation of data sharing and processing agreements between organisations will be shared.

Among the speakers are Richard Lloyd Stevens from IDC, Sebastian Schmidt from metaphacts GmbH, Fernando Perales from JOT Internet Media and Luis Daniel Ibáñez from the University of Southampton.

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